Grocery Cards Support the Media Center

SaveMart shoppers: your purchases will support our work when your S.H.A.R.E.S card is scanned at checkout. Pick up a card in the lobby of the station or call us at 470-0794 and we'll mail one to you. We have earned more than $1,500 from this program!


When you shop at SPD Market, you can support the Digital Media Center and NCTV by signing up for a Community Card the next time you're in the store. Here's how:

  1. At checkout, request a Community Card.
  2. The clerk will give you their sign-up form and the plastic cards (including keychain size).
  3. On their form, ignore the "Select the group" part (we're not on the printed list yet) as well as the line about registering online if your group isn't on the form.
  4. At the end of the list under Yuba River Charter School, hand-write in "Nevada County Digital Media Center."
  5. Fill in your name, address, phone, etc.
  6. The clerk will take the form and fill in the Card number from the back of your plastic card.
  7. SPD will sign you up online with eScrip, the provider of this fund-raising program.

 That's it! Show your card (or you can just give them your phone number) whenever you shop, and NCTV/Media Center will get a rebate of up to 3% of your purchases.

Thank you and please tell your friends, too.