Find a Videographer

Need to find someone to videotape an event? Please read this FAQ!

Q: How can you find a videographer? Will NCTV come and make a video of your event? 

A: We're sorry, but NCTV has no staff available to video community events for free. We CAN help you look for videographers - whom we call “community producers” - who might be interested in recording your event for you, possibly for free or a small fee.

Q: Sometimes I see one of your paid staff members videotaping a local event or interviewing people on camera. So why do you say you have “no staff available”?

A: We have a number of staff members who are experienced videographers. Acting on their own as a "community producer," they sometimes volunteer to video local events out in the community, or to crew on a show produced in the NCTV studio. They are not paid by NCTV to do this. The events and shows they work on are those they find interesting and are willing to support as a volunteer.

Q: Can you hire people to video local events, cultural programs, etc.?

A: We have no funding to do that, but you may make arrangements or contract with some of our producers to film your event. Community access TV stations were not created to provide free videography services to their communities - their main purpose is to provide public access to a studio, equipment and the local cable TV channel, plus training in how to “make TV.”

Q: So how can we find some people to record our event? Can you help with that?

A: We can usually help, with proper advance notice. We need AT LEAST two full weeks to find a crew for you and figure out the logistics of camera set-up, sound, etc. It's easier to find people quickly if you can pay even a very modest amount (and we do expect people who request our services to become NCTV members). Having a budget means that a staff member can get more involved to help you make it happen, with your contribution going to support NCTV. Please remember, we are a non-profit with very limited funding and significant expenses for technology and overhead. Please build into your budget a line item for NCTV (even if you are a non-profit). For more information or to discuss your needs, call 470-0794. We look forward to helping you make programs that enrich our community.