The professional staff at NCTV  can help you create your video project! Our services are less expensive than those of most commercial videographers. (We don't believe we are competing with the local videographer community since we meet the needs of those individuals and organizations who simply cannot afford professional-level videography).

Whether a field shoot, or in our studio, we can help you.

What do you need? Give us a call. Have this information ready to discuss:

  • Deadline - when do you need it by?
  • What's the purpose? (post to your website or YouTube, present to a group of people, fundraising, etc.)
  • How long a program do you envision? Does it need to be that long?
  • Type of program: public event, "talking heads," interviews on a set, etc.
  • Location and time of day: indoor/outdoor, in our studio or at your location, natural or artificial light, etc.
  • Onscreen talent: how many people will be involved?

Contact Terri at 470-0794 to discuss your needs and how we can meet them in a cost-effective way.