Underwriting: Sample TV Spots & Rates

Underwriting is sponsorship of non-commercial, local television programming which appears both on cable and on the NCTV website at www.nevadacountytv.org. Underwriters receive a customized 25-second video which will run on NCTV’s cable channels and website.

Check out some sample underwriter spots below.

Your video may also be used on your own website to communicate your message to the community. Your contribution may be tax-deductible; consult your tax advisor. Underwriting is an effective alternative to commercial advertising, and benefits the entire community by supporting educational opportunities for local youth, adults and seniors. Payment Options for Underwriters: Monthly Donations $95 /month
12 X = $1,140 total

Quarterly Donations $275 / quarter
4 X = $1,100 total

Semi-Annual Donations $535 / half-year
2 X = $1,070 total

One-time Annual Donation $1,000/year.